A View From The Fork

It is interesting to me, that sometimes the view from the road that we choose to go down lead to moments of disorientation. I am learning that those moments of adjusting our view aren’t necessarily bad… they are more like when your eyes adjust to light… they just take a moment for your brain to catch up with the environment. The true is same for my new work environment. I have to say putting on dress clothes … that don’t really reflect me…. and shoes….with toes.. and socks and stockings…. are all a bit disorienting for me. The very first thing that I do when I leave the office, is to put on a pair of Jeans and my flip flops.. it seems that by that simple act I can breathe again….Oh, don’t get me wrong.. I love the NATURE of my new job.. just struggle with the laced up structure of dress codes. But, I love the pay… the benefits.. the challenge… the creative side….I love feeling like I am a part of the team.

I can’t recall a rougher start to a new job. So rough in fact it made me question whether I had taken the wrong path. But, in doing so I quickly discovered that all the reasons for being on this particular path out way those things that I am struggling with. When I think of all the benefits of my new job… all the things it adds to my life… all the things it adds to my kids’ life, my families life I find myself grateful once again. So; my piggies will have to get use to spending a part of their day is socks and shoes. I will need to figure out where my dream of becoming a writer.. goes to next. But, for today I am finding the view from the fork in the road, different but pleasant.. and as my eyes adjust to the new surroundings I find myself excited about the future that is a head of me.

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