Adventures and Miss Adventures

I love writing about my adventures and my misadventures. Those that know me and have traveled with me know that I see the two as the same. I don’t see one as a positive and the other as a negative, just two sides of the same experience. I can’t recall a time that didn’t have both, maybe that is because one without the other wouldn’t be all that memorable.
Some would say that sweet without the sour just wouldn’t seem so sweet.

I love traveling the back roads, the less seen by-ways, getting off the main drag and heading out where it is less congested where I can take things at my own pace. I would say that I tend to live life that way to. Not much of a “pack thinker” and don’t need to run in a pack in order to get things done.

While I love meeting up with my friends, I don’t feel the need to have to have them validate my experience or lend testimony to it. It is enough to know that there on the back roads, things just are….. Like this amazing barn. I loved it roughness. The tenacity is has to hold on in spite of the rugged weather it endures. I loved the mountains in the back drop and the abandoned feel of the old posts bending in time.

I wondered how many times I had driven past this old barn, just off the high way, missing it’s beauty because I wasn’t taking the time to enjoy all that was around me, thankful that at least for today, I was able to capture it’s splendor.

Or what about this ole boy that made my friend (and fellow Sister on the Fly) Teresa Klocke laugh as he was just such a show off. I am so glad that we met him…

If I had one experience that might have fallen in the misadventure column this weekend, it would have been when I ended up in the ER for a couple hours with an asthma attack..But even that had an upside as I met some of the best people and I even helped Teresa and Jane earn their helper badges as they had to come spring me out… the dr wouldn’t let me go home with out being released into someone’s care.. and what great care it was…..

So raise your glasses in honor of the shared experiences.. both adventure and misadventure and to all the wonderful people and places that we find down the dusty paths….where would we be without them?

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