New Chapter to an Old Book

New Chapter to an old Book
I think that is exactly how I felt; just like I inhaled, flipped the page, and began a new chapter. Every road I have ever taken has led me… well here… and I like it here. I love my community, my friends, my family, my life….Just like taking stalk of what you have read, looking back on my life I cant believe how blessed I have been. Yet, I am so excited about this new chapter as well. I look around at the group of girls that I hang with and think.. REALLY? these amazing people are my friends?

While I say good-bye to my life on MaryJanesFarm, I am running full speed into the dirt roads ahead, anticipating every new bend, turn, and bump. Prosser Farmgirls and I head out this week for adventures with our Sisters On the Fly…. and there will be stories to tell.

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