Peace Out!


Ain’t life funny sometimes? I don’t mean in a “ha, ha” kind of way.. I mean in a… hum, I didn’t see that one coming, kind of a way. The kind of way that leaves you smiling, if not on the outside, at least on the inside.

I have had that kind of a week.

For months I have felt a storm brewing in me, a creative storm, but I didn’t really know where it was leading, where it would take me-if anywhere, and how I would get there. But, I could feel it brewing, like an old man who knows rain is coming deep down in his bones.

I could picture this old man sitting on his porch in a rickety old rocking chair….waiting….waiting.. as the clouds moved from south, and the darker the skies got, the anticipation in him wells up…. and he rocks a little faster. I too, felt my heart beat faster with anticipation of what comes next…what exactly is God preparing for me, what exactly are the next steps. I could hear that sweet small voice, a God whisper, telling me to “wait for it, wait for it” and to the best of my very impatient abilities, I have done my best to do so. Not without taking a wrong step or two… well that is just my MO….so really that doesn’t count.

I have learned that God puts space between where I am … and where I am going, just to accommodate those mis-steps of mine.. to my credit I can say, that I don’t stay down those bunny trails nearly as long as I use to, which is progress right?

As the clouds come closer and they wring themselves out over the old man, you can sense his happiness. Even his body reacts to the unleashing, as even his bones settle into the storm and the aching goes away. And I am sure, if he could, he would join me as I twirl in the fields soaking it all in after what seemed like a forever drought.

In my own way, I am honoring the rain this summer….. and one of those ways is to leave facebook for a while. I love facebook, it allows me to keep us with friends I rarely get to see in person, making the world seems so much smaller than it is. On the downside, it is a great distraction for me, as I can spend days on it. Of course it is also where much of my freelance work comes from, so there will be much to miss as I take little little sojourn.

My plan is to walk away for a season. Beginning June 1 – Sept 1 – a three month Facebook Fast – and in its place, I have books to read, and books to write. Gardens to tend to, friends to spend some face time with, and so on.

In more than one way, I will be spending time to re-write my story, and I will be sharing it on this blog. While saying that I am on a FB diet, I will also point out that my blog has a direct feed to FB so, at times it will seem that I am there.. and I always get my notifications via email, so when freelance jobs present themselves I wont miss them.

SO after tomorrow if you want to talk to me, please call my cell, if you want to share with me, send me an email, and if you wanna know what I am up to…. come to my blog…. Peace Out!

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2 thoughts on “Peace Out!

  1. NO NO NO…you can’t leave me alone on Facebook. Ok, you can I guess. 🙂 I think an FB Fast is a super idea. One that I would never be able to wrap my mind around, but good on ya for giving it a go!! I love you to bits and will miss you dearly this weekend. I was looking forward to campfire laughs with my favorite Dusty! I will raise a glass of Bourbon in your honor. Maybe 2 if I’m feeling extra frisky.

    Love you to bits and LOVE the new blog!


    1. Well, all my “fast” really means is that I will be in your kitchen much more often 🙂 Love ya!!!!


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