Picasso I am not..

Last night, my back road travels lead me to Cooper Red Mountain Winery for a class with artist friend Rachel Schauble- Heglar Talk about an adventure. I am not an artist, nor have I ever dreamed of being one. The only canvas I have ever attempted to slay, was the walls in my home or a stray piece of furniture that needed some touching up. So to even think that I could home with a masterpiece was well perhaps a stretch, but the experience with two old friends, and a chance to meet a couple new ones always has its draw.

First let me say, that Neil at Cooper is amazingly nice, and fun, and funny. His wines, amazing.

Rachel’s mom, Bev, and  I have been friends for somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 years or so…one thing that I always know is that when we are together, I am always learning something, being affectionately shoved out of my comfort zone and laughing until my head hurts.. the same of course was true tonight.

I inherited Rachel’s friendship, through my friendship with her mom, but I will take it. Rachel is amazing. I wish I had half the self-awareness, insight, and tenacity that she has, when I was her age. And the talent this girl has is something else. Rachel has an amazing way to put anyone at ease, not only with her painting, but with life in general. She has learned the valuable lesson of not taking self to serious, and to take life as it comes. Her ability to create the life that she wants for herself and for her children is her true art form.

There are so many things that we can learn when we allow ourselves to let go and learn something new… turns out, the “something new” may not just be about your artistic endeavor, but rather about Life in general.

While I may not be a painter…. the art of painting taught me, that if you just stay with it, don’t give up on it, keep blending the edges….. things will turn out ok.

Thanks Rachel, what a great time we had…(if someone wants to take a class like this, Rachel’s business info can be found on FB https://www.facebook.com/BottleAndBrushes

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