Fun in Long Beach WA.

ImageWhile I was almost certain, as I started on on my adventures this past weekend.. that they would be more misadventures, than adventures.. and they would be more on the “mud trail, and less on the dusty ones”.. I was wrong on all accounts… ) OK.. I will now take a moment to pause so that all those who want to make any cracks about me being wrong, will have the time to do so).

Even though the weatherman was calling for bad weather, I was determined to make the trip no matter what. One because it was my friend Paulie’s bash, and two, my hubby had committed to going and well… he ain’t much of a “goer” kind of guy.. as is brilliantly indicated by me sharing that even after 28 years of marriage I am still waiting for a honeymoon…. of course Tom’s version of things says since it is such a “vacation” to live with him, why would I need a honeymoon…..ย 

I am not sure if I could pick a favorite part of the weekend as there was so many…. It could be the drive on the beach…mostly due to the “girlish” giggles coming from the drivers side where my husband was looking like a 13 year old boy doing donuts in the driveway, when his parents were away……Image

Of course it also could have been when we came off the beach at Oysterville, WA. this beautiful old community with amazing manicured lawns and deep deep history. The Old school house and stories about the old families and their roles in developing of Washington state. We even loved the old Oyster Farm where Tom sat and talked with the farmer for some time learning all the ways where old and new collide where farming is concerned.

As I puffed on my inhaler, I couldn’t help what kind of drugs I would have to take to live here, because in my minds eye, I could so live here….I am guessing that they could pump my Abuteral through the air vents…It may actually be totally worth it.Image

Of course, it could easily be Saturday night when to my utter shock, my husband decided he was part of the band. Jeff and Paulette are musicians and so is Tom, however Tom usually prefers to be a closet musician singer… Much to my surprise and JOY, He came out of the closet this weekend. It was fun to see parts of my husbands personality that I haven’t seen in a while… this weekend he truly was “The Come Back Kid”

ImageI am not sure who was more shocked.. Me or Paulette.

While in Long Beach, we walked through down town – Even picked up a coffee….


We took in some of the local sites- ย such as Black Lake and the Cranberry Bogs. We even met a new friend on the beach, where we learned that Mama seals often leave their young while they go out hunting.. so never touch a baby seal when you see one.. although, there is nothing to stop you from taking pictures of them, or holding a very serious conversation with one…


All in all… I have discovered that trips down the trails of life, either muddy or dusty can put things into perspective.


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1 thought on “Fun in Long Beach WA.

  1. Oh, I’m glad you had such a fun time. The photos are gorgeous…and it makes me want to visit this place, too ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ๐Ÿ™‚


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