All Roads Lead Home


Sometimes the thing that we dread doing the most seem to lend itself to what you may need the most, in this moment.

I am so slow at getting my garden going this year. I am starting to wonder if it will even be an garden kind of year. Tom started early to rebuild our raised beds, adding new beds and fencing it all in to keep the four legged family members out. And, well it is just taking longer then we anticipated.

In the wait time, weeds have been the only thing growing, and boy, are they doing well. Well, until today of course. Six and a half hours later, the back yard is starting to look as if we might be able to entertain out there this summer. Normally by this time of the year, all the crops would be in the ground, and we would just be doing some maintenance work every weekend.

I have been avoiding the inevitable… The dreaded weeding.

My husband is more of “gifts of service” kind of guy, meaning he would rather someone do something for him, than buy him something. SO with Father’s Day quickly approaching, I thought I would get as much as the back yard done, so that he wouldn’t have too.. We both enjoy working outside, but for whatever reasons…we have just had our hands full, and fallen behind.

I have discovered that perhaps I can actually get Tom to go out camping with me, if he doesn’t have the yard as an excuse… so, added incentive and out I went.

Today was the perfect day to work out there. The weather was perfect, and my mind had been unsettled.. with so much shoved in there… waiting to be processed.Stuff that I have been avoiding. I needed a work day, something that would stop all the other noise, and let me just process the “stuff” that was occupying it.

I have discovered that with age, I am getting better at stopping all the noise long enough to listen to what I call God Whispers…. but, literally I have to stop the noise… ALL the noise… other peoples’ conversations, expectations, as well as all the inner “I shoulds” and just be.

While I know that God didn’t make weeds just as a tool for me to use to slow myself down.. it is an example of how He does use everything that HE has to show me that all roads lead home.

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