Kickin’ Up Dust (Y)

I am not so sure that I am the “type” that prescribes to the thought process that one can have to much fun. It seems like an Oxy-Moran to say “too much fun”, doesn’t it?

Although I will concede that I have found a whole new level of tired these days, and could possible indulge in more naps then I needed in the past, but I am not ready to day that, that is all a bad thing.

The Summer got started on the right note with a trip to Long Beach, WA. WOW, what fun that was. We met up with fellow Sister Paulette and some of her Tabby friends.

It had been awhile since we had been to the ocean. My hubby and son Matthew joined me on this trip and oh what fun we had.

That’s my hubby in the cowboy hat, and Paulie (the beauty) holding the guitar. We got home from the coast just in time to put the finishing touches on an event Friend and fellow sister Jennel and I were hosting here in Prosser. “Whose Your Daddy”, the group was small, but we made sure to have enough fun to make up for it all..

The picture on the side here is of Connie and Jennel Hooping it up! I have decided that I am not 100% sure that it is safe for the rest of the world for these two to be together. Having said that, they are a lot of fun!

Once the “whose your daddy” event was behind me then it was time to prepare for our weekend in Starbuck.

When we came home from Paulie’s, after seeing the tabby’s Tom decided that perhaps he would like camping more if we had a trailer that was.. well more ours and less mine. SO we welcomed “Jack” to the family. I named him jack after Jack Johnson’s song, “Banana Pancakes” as that is what this trailer reminded me of….. Banana Pancakes… You know… “no need to go outside”, “Jack” has all the bells and whistles you would ever need.

The week after getting “Jack” we headed to Starbuck, Wa for Jammin on the Tuccannon, which is a  music festival started by our very talented friend Gary Bowles. For the last couple of years we have been going down to this and what fun. I really enjoy spending time with Gary, his wife Patti and our mutual friends Kurt and Jackie….. This is also Matthew’s birthday weekend. While he refers to the weekend as “hillbilly fest” I know that he wouldnt want to spend his special day any other way.

We have been friends with Gary for what seems like a lifetime, while I am still not to sure that it should be legal for one person to have as much talent as this man does, I am thrilled that he is still willing to call us friends.

  No sooner did we get home from Starbuck, we got Matthew to the church for his adventure to Denver Colorado with his youth group, then it was time for me to get the trailer re-louded and  head out to Sun Lakes State Park for my family reunion.

 I had truly forgotten how amazingly beautiful it was at the Lake. I grew up just a few miles down the road in Coulee City, and I loved it there. It was fun to be home and take some of the less traveled dirt roads through the countryside.

My adventures over the next couple of weeks are closer to home as my kids are coming home for a few days for  one of their buddies wedding. While I am sure not much will slow down while they are home, I can’t wait for them to get here.

I don’t really see me slowing down much, rather I see me hitting the road and kicking up dust until the weather tells me it is time to settle in for the winter.

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