Good Morning Vietnam


Do you remember the 1987 movie, Good Morning Vietnam? It was a MASH on steroids kind of show, starring Robin Williams. Williams played a D.J in war torn Vietnam whose job was to bring a little levity to a very serious situation. I feel a little like that this morning, sitting in the middle of two very opposite sides of view.

On one side I have traditional western medicine, who has served many well. And on the other side I have alternative therapies who while not always have the backing of mainstream minds, make huge sense to me. They answer the questions I have that scream out “WHY”. I am sort of like a two year old in that sense. It isn’t enough for me to just take a diagnosis. I want to know WHY my body is breaking down.

It is sort of comical that I just referred to Western Medicine as “traditional”, because, really in truth alternative medicine is traditional medicine and Western Medicine is the relative “New kid on the block”, but we have let   that conversation be turned around… but, I digress.

As I walked into my kitchen this morning, this is what I saw on my counter.


Truly, I did not stage this. But, doesn’t it just say it all? My mind quickly went to “In one corner we have allopathic drugs weighing it at weighing me down” and at the opposite corner we have “thinking out of the box weighing in at “what do I do now”……

I know, I know, I know.. this is a very serious matter and I need to focus, but really this is where my mind goes.

I stayed up late last night ( past midnight, but if you tell my Dr. I will deny it)., reading Bombshell by Suzanne Somers. Truly, do yourself a favor and read this book. It isn’t just for women I might add. Of course you men will want to pretend that you are buying it for the women in your life, but truly there is so many life saving information for you too. And, if you are really wise, you will buy a copy for your doctor who may, or may not actually read it, or who may or may not “get it” or agree with it, but before you dump them and find one that does, you might want to try to educated them.( she now leaves her soapbox).

I am blessed to have a primary care provider who understands the WAR I am in between the two prevailing thoughts.He is an expert in bio-identical hormones and knows the conversation well. While I often times wish he leaned more to the alternative view, we seems to balance one another out quit well.

Some time in the middle of the night, when I was processing all the info I had just taken in, I cracked myself up… doesn’t “Goiter” sound like “Go-Getter”?  Okay, perhaps it isn’t as funny in the light of day, but at O’ dark 30, it has hysterical. How many times have I described myself as a go-getter?  I am more and more convinced that “go-getter” gene is cope-able for this Go-iter fight I am in. How many times did I hear God whisper over the last couple of years to slow down? to take notice? to breathe? (something I haven’t been able to do for weeks now).

Look I know that I am a 4-brick learner. I am as dumb as a post when it comes to listening to God Whispers the first time… or the second time, or even the 3rd time…. Boy, do I wish that I had.

In the battle that I am in, I will use every form of arsenal that I can get my hands on.But, I am keenly aware that they come with consequences, and I can’t go back and get a do over. I have to get it right, right out of the gate this time.

Also during the night I could hear my dad…………..when I was young and living at home, I desperately wanted my ears pierced, and my dad’s standing line was, “IF God wanted you to have holes in your ears He would have placed them there.” Of course I would roll my eyes and storm off to my room.. But, oddly enough, last night, all I could hear was, “IF God wanted you to not have a thyroid, he wouldn’t have given you a thyroid.”  Okay, probably not divine inspiration, but a little funny to me.

So as I greet this day, in my little war zone.. I grabbed my arsenal of books and greet it with, HELLO VIETNAM!


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