God Whispers

I believe in God Whispers, I don’t always live in integrity of that statement, but I truly do believe it. A perfect case in point is my health. For years, I have ignored, half listened, tried to listen to the whispers that forever told me to slow down, to take better care of my health, to watch what I ate, drank, ingested. I am not new to the alternative health conversation. Like a sponge I have read book after book after book. At times, when pushed to the wall, I have adopted the lifestyle only to drop it once I was symptom free.

I am even one of those fanatic Christians that believes that God is still the great physician, although it would be hard for anyone to actually see that fruit in my life, as I often ignore His prescription, instead needing the validation of others to insure that I was not a nut.

I remember years ago when I was first diagnosed with Lupus and a friend introduced me to the benefits of Algae, probiotics and Enzymes. The medical community, poo poo’d the idea that any of them had healing properties. Fast forward some twenty years later and all three are predominate in the protocols of healing. It was God Whispers that led me to that moment, and I was so sick that I jumped on in.

For the last several years, I have listened to, read, studied information on bio-identical hormones and the importance of staying on top of that for optimum health, but it all seemed too much.. Whisper after whisper went unanswered.

It is no surprise that I now find myself in another health crisis. Once again, it seems, I have chosen the hard road. I am so thankful that at every turn, God gives me another opportunity to take responsible for my own health.

Today, I made another trip to the doctor’s office, more blood was drawn, and new plan of attack embraced. I am thankful that more and more physicians are embracing integrative medicine. So it is time that I strap on the ole boots and wade on in…. thanks to God Whispers.

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1 thought on “God Whispers

  1. Hang in there, taking this alternative road is always a struggle. I started on it over 35 years ago. But I believe it is the only way to a truly healthy lifestyle. One has to do a lot of research on their own…to help inform the the health advocate and you to make the right decisions. You will be so far ahead of the mainstream help that you would get. Listen to the whispers!


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