Its A Peculiar thing is it not?

Life……..that is. It has taken me 50 years to determine who I am and what I want to do with my life. I have come close to capturing it a time or two as well. But, yet it remains evasive like a small sliver that you know is just under the skin, but for what ever the reason you just can’t grab it with the tweeter. So what is it? what is this elusive creature that we call a dream. Magazine writer. Those that know me, might be saying… “um… well… don’t you do that already?” But it has never been “right”… I love not only sharing people’s story, but also their faith. If it is true that we are not just flesh and bone, but also spiritual beings (which I believe that we are), then to leave that out of ANYONE’s story seems to be telling half the tale. Being a person of faith myself, I have to believe that I am right where God wants me, so while I “wait” for the dream situation I have decided to change my blogging ways just slightly and share the behind the stories of the people I meet and interview for other reasons.. Like the newspaper articles I write for Agri Times and … a reminder that there is always more to everyone’s story, even if it doesn’t make it to magazine print. I used to love the “rest of the story” with Paul Harvey. If I had to say that there was one journalist that inspired me as a writer it would be him. I loved that he answered the “and then what?” questions. Or the questions of why, and how, not just the what. None of us become us.. without taking the paths of the who, what, where, when and how. None of us. So, for now, I will keep writing the stories of the backroads…and be happy with it.


Published by renegroom

I am a wife, mom, granny and freelance writer and photographer living in Washington State Wine Country. I love to write about the amazing things I see, and the brilliant people I meet down the dirt roads of life.

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