New Year – New Finds


Happy New Year. I love finding New finds, so my recent trip to The NW Food Hub was simply perfect. I have been familiar with the HUB as when it originated it was a virtual concept and online store and I was thrilled to see local farmers and producers getting together to make their goods available for order. But, somewhere I got lost in the conversation, which happens sometimes when you are busy looking from the outside in, but never-the-less, I wasn’t aware that this wonderful concept had gone tactile. I knew that there had been a name change, guess that should have been a clue that other changes could have also have happened… A… perhaps investigative reporting isn’t my genre.

Anyway, I was thrilled when my hubby and I decided to make the trek. And as to not disappoint the Store and Kitchen was everything I would have wanted it to be.

SO the NW Food HUB, is a great little store/Market where local venders can sell their product year around. It is manned by volunteers. The kitchen is certified and is rented out to food venders as sort of a monthly restaurant where they can share their skills and offerings. ON our visit Montorey  Bison was cooking up some Pot Pie type dish, that was to die for.

I had a great visit with volunteer Lindsey who is a student, locking down her MBA at WSU, she was pleasant and knowledgeable and I could see why she was such a great fit for the HUB.

We also discovered that our oldest son’s former Colfax teacher and her husband and now grown daughters are the suppliers of the Joseph Grainery flour mixes being offered at the HUB. We lived in Colfax for a long time while the older boys were little ones. Mrs. Meyer was a great kindergarten teacher and we found the Meyers to be good folk. Of course a company we are happy to support.

We walked away with some flour, twin sister honey, and much much more. I love starting the new year with new finds. I love the conversation about shopping local and supporting local businesses and neighbors. This is the truest form of a “Community Market.” and whats not to love?

You can read more about the NW Food HUB in my upcoming article in Agri Times NW where I am a “staff” writer. I hope that you will make the time to support this HUB, and if you aren’t local find a HUB in your area.


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