Saddle Up Your Horses


The Great Adventure

I have always loved this song by Steven Curtis Chapman…. I am not sure if it is simply that I love horses, or that I love the anthem in it, but I found myself singing it this morning as I recommitted another day to the juice fast that I began some seven days ago.
As I plopped down my bag of carrots on the counter next to the juicer and began washing them, all I could think is, “Saddle up your horses, we’ve got a trail to blaze.” Now, I know that I am not a “trail-blazer” in the area of juicing or RAW, I have been reading and considering it for years. I have many RAW heroes, but there are some things, where only you can be the hero.. like in your own story.
As much as I would love to have someone….anyone….swoop down and make me healthy and skinny, the truth is that only I can do that. Only I can control what I choose to eat and not eat, or whether I choose to walk or not, and whether I continue to let the weight dictate where I will go and who I will see, and even who I will “be.”
Like most things in my life, I have concluded that I make losing weight much harder than it really needs to be. In addition, I am convinced that ANY of the diet plans out there will work; you just have to choose one and work it. A week ago, I finally decided to put down all the books and all the voices in my head, telling me which “diet” was right, or more right than the rest, and just do something.
I don’t think that juicing will be my ultimate plan, however it has allowed me to stop doing the bad stuff and support my body with good stuff while I figure out what I want to do long term.
Of course it should come to no surprise, not even to me, that I probably won’t fall on either side of the Meat/Veggie conversation and will plop myself right in the middle…. This is about par for the course for me.
I have watched nearly every food documentary that I can find…. Pros and cons for every food lifestyle choice and have learned a lot that I will adopt or continue to adopt in my life… Life, no more store bought meats, Well unless it from the HUB or… We have local producers where I can go out to their farms and see what they do, know who they are, so why by meats that I don’t have that luxury? And I a know that meat will be a smaller portion of my weekly intake then it has been in the past.
I have enjoyed juicing other greens and getting to know them… WOW, see I love black pepper and I love how so many of the greens have that in them. When juiced it is really great.
So while I may not be a trailblazer in the most common sense, I certainly am taking the bull by the horns and blazing a new through my life, and that is enough for today.

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