A few years ago, when I worked for MaryJane’s Farm, as “Sisterhood Coordinator”, I came up with a tag line that reads, “Circumstance Made Us Friends, MaryJane’s Farm Made Us Sisters.” even now, a few years down the road from those MJ Days, I see the tag line every now and again and I smile. No truer words have I spoken. I made some amazing friends during that time in my life, friendships that have proven the test of time.

Two of those girls continually share their lives and talents with me, and bless me on a weekly bases, even though we aren’t just next doors. Sisters in the truest sense.

We have laughed together, cried together, prayed together and yes even vented together a time or three…..

They have also shared their talents with me so freely. Autumn is an amazing clothing designer whose clothing I adore… I would wear it every day if i could…. Her tatted Appalachian look – just makes my heart happy. I call it “Southern Comfort” – from the wonderful bloomers one can find me in almost always, to this new linen shirt that I just got, that is helping me recover from surgery.  Diane – shares her laughter as well as her hand-braided hats, a bottle of wine or two and a couple darling redneck wine glasses. – The white hat, that I am wearing in this photo, is one that she gave me when she came west a couple years ago…. I have about warn it out – I chose white to go with my white tutu…. what stories it could tell…

Seldom do I post pictures of me as I am much more comfy on the other side of the lens, but I wanted to give credit where credit was due. I dont write about the hat and the shirt because they are “things” I write about them because they are made from sister friends who so graciously share with me, their lives, their time, and their talents. Thank You Autumn and Diane for everything you are, and everything you do that makes my life so much brighter.




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