Heaven Help me! For months now, I felt my youth wash down the drain with each morning’s shower….hair showing up where it to not be, wrinkles and creases setting up camp. My health… let’s not even get started, but last nights ACM’s was the final nail in my coffin of youth…

WHAT WAS THAT? can anyone help me? had it not been for George and Garth, my heart may have given out right there. The show gave a whole new meaning of “I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK.”

Now don’t get me wrong, my friends will tell you that I have my radio set to the “country stations” and I enjoy it… well, I enjoy some of it…. but last nights ACMs was more like watching country audition for the next Pop Princess.

I am not asking for Porter Wagner… although…..I mean, look Dirks Bentley put out a great bluegrass record, and Alison Krauss can sing the phone book and make it a hit. Where was Leann Womack for heaven sake? or Alan Jackson for that matter. Oh, Vince “where for art thou?” Even New comer Ashley Monroe would have added some diversity to the evening. And Who sings a song called “Joe Diffie” and doesn’t have JOE DIFFIE on the show.. I mean really…..Hello – Joe Diffie is a live and well…. as is Aaron Tippin, Sammy Kersaw, Laurie Morgan, Shelly West, the list goes on and on and on…….

I truly feel that my head can just spin off my shoulders….

But hey, I guess we had Stevie Wonder, Sheryl Crow, and John Meyer so……….OI! are you kidding me….. I like them all… I have their CD’s….their POP CD’s…. When I turn on a program that is celebrating the best of the best in COUNTRY MUSIC… I sort of assume that I will get COUNTRY MUSIC…

Look, ACMs we can do this the easy way, or the hard way.. all I want is MY COUNTRY BACK!!!!


2 thoughts on “I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK

  1. You forgot Steveie Wonder! I said out loud, “This is a country music show and Stevie Wonder is closing!”.


  2. I totally agree Rene, but the bigger problem with Country is the songwrting. There aren’t any more writers like Billy Joe Shaver, Billy Swan and Kris Kristofferson out there pushing their tunes anymore. There are offices full of “writers” cranking out the dross that passes for country and the songs have no longevity,One example, 10 years from now do you think we will still be hearing”Lay your head upon my pillow….” (wtitten over 30 years ago by Kris or “Take off yer leavin dress, let’s do what we do best” Same theme but the first is poetry to me ears and the second…blech


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