Chosing My Words

My recent journey has taken me to Virginia Mason Hospital and back again… with a couple side trips to the local ER as well as my doctors and….. After some poking and prodding and the removal of my thyroid, all in all I am doing okay… Slowly rebounding.

One side affect that my men are enjoying more than I, is that my voice hasn’t yet returned.

I found myself rather irritated tonight as I heard my hubby bellow, “WHAT?” for the umpteenth time since my little trip. Now, I know that I am not irritated with him,  just that I have to work so hard to do something that use to come so easily. Perhaps too easily.

With that in mind, I was sitting here thinking about how hard I have to think when answering a question. I find myself wondering, before speaking, how can I say what is needed in the fewest amount of words? A skill that perhaps I should have learned a long time ago… a skill many of us could have mastered some time ago.

As a writer, I know that self editing is a good skill to have… One that I haven’t always done, even in my writing, yet one that after some major blunders learned that there was value in the re-read, and sometimes in the re-re-read.

This has truly been one of those times, those roads with lessons on them….having a quick wit and a quick tongue aren’t the same thing. And looking back I can see times where I wished I would have chosen my words more carefully. I guess there is no time like the present to learn that skill.

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