I recall a video I watched a few years back. It came out as a promotional piece for a book by author Bruce WIlkensen – Called “The Dream Giver.” a quaint, hard-hitting parable book that helps us learn to walk out of our dreams by making them reality. I love that little book, and I have given away so many copies….. I believe in dreams. More importantly, I believe in the importance of walking out of them to make them a reality.

During the course of the video Dr. Wilkensen asks the audience – a rather large church – people who rub arms with each other at least weekly – what some of their dreams were and what were the things that stood in their way. It became clear that the obstacles were fairly the same. FEAR, TIME, MONEY.. seemed to be the top three. Dr. Wilkensen asked one 30 something lady to stand up, who seemed to be emotional over the conversation. The gal a single mom of three – shared how she had always dreamed of being a nurse. Ended up pregnant and quitiing school just short of her dream. Now, some years later, the dream haunts her. She thinks of the life that she could have, the security she could offer her daughters…. if only….. Dr. Wilkensen pushes her. Well, what would have to happen for you to be able to go back and finish. She lines out all the reasons why… all the obstacles…, and one by one – with the help of others sitting in that room – the obstacles disappear… Child care – gone, money issues, met, car pooling – taken over by another….. with in minutes, all the things holding her back had been unchained.

It is easy to forget sometimes that we are needed. That many people willing to do a little, can change the course of almost any life. So, when my friend Heather announced this week that she had a dream obstacle – my ears perked up.

I have watched this friend, over the course of a few years now, slay one dream dragon after another. I can still recall us sitting outside the Cheney Starbucks, years ago, as she shared her dream. Taking her life by the reins she has truly carefully lead it to where she wanted to go. Yet, she is needs the help of other DREAM CATCHERS to get past this bump in the road.

Heather has come up with a brilliant product that will make every kitchen world wide more efficient. What’s not to love about that? SO hear is how YOU can help.

Heather and her team are using a site called Kick Starter – to help them raise the money needed to get their business off the ground. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spiceologist/spiceologist-blocktm-organize-your-spices-in-style?ref=live

By clicking on the link above – you can watch Heather share about her product, and then PLEDGE financial support. The pledge is a PROMISE of financial support at what ever level you feel comfortable with. The team has 54 days to reach their goal of $50,000. If they don’t reach their goal, then no money will be exchanged. If THEY DO – and that is what we want – then our pledge will be deducted and they will be off and running with a little help from her friends. As you will see once you are on the above link, there are gifts associated with each price point of the pledge.

In a world where sometimes people can think that if someone else succeeds that means there is less success in the world for “me”, let me just suggest. That when one of us succeeds, it raises the possibility of success for all. It doesn’t delete success…. it just adds more to the cookie jar. So, I hope that you will join me and others and make this dream a reality.


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