It’s Not By Chance



I had the distinct pleasure of meeting a brilliant photographer a couple of weeks ago. I had admired her work for some time and we had been face book friends for awhile now, but it was nice to actually sit down, face to face, and share space, and stories, and life.

Robin is one of the best Equine/w Owners – photographers that I have ever met. She certainly knows how to capture the stories with just using her lenses. It is a gift for sure. She can take imperfections and make the perfect. I can stare at her photographs for ever and listen to the tales that they want to tell.

As we sat and talked about love and life with our mutual friend Sue, all that kept coming to my mind was… “it isn’t by chance.”

It isn’t by chance that life takes us down certain roads. It isn’t by chance that we are who we are. It isn’t by chance that we meet how we meet and when.

In my own life, I don’t know that I could write about feelings, hurts, highs and lows had I not experienced them. Or described grace, had I not been in need or in want of it a time or two. I don’t know if I could describe how tears taste, had I not found myself with a broken-heart a time or two. Nor, could I describe how precious friendships are, how fragile and how valuable had I not lost one, needed one, cherished one.

As we sat around Sue’s living room that day sipping on iced coffee, we proved to ourselves again a couple of things. First; that we all need a friend and we all need to be a friend to one another. Secondly; that our lives are a story, and we all have one, and during the writing of it, there are times that God hands over the pen, and lets us determine the route it is going to take. But, mostly we learned, that “It’s not by chance.”

I have lost enough over the years that I know how special it can be when the right people enter your life. It can be the difference between a life that is do-able and life that is joyful.

I first became a FAN of Robin’s work, then I became a “friend” through social media. We had friends in common and I would run into her work from time to time. Now, I am just thrilled to be able to say that our back roads have collided and we are friends outside the virtual world. I certainly wasn’t disappointed, she is as sweet, and humble, and brilliant as I hoped that she would be. I can be a little guarded at letting new people into my “world”, but with Robin it was a natural and knowing what I know… it is not by chance.

You can find Robin’s work at

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