Back Roads by Foot


Isn’t it peculiar, how sometimes the thing we need the most… we have a natural propensity to shy away from?

I remember when Tom and I were first married and moved to Pullman Washington where he was attending school. I took a job at White Drug. At that particular time in my life I thought I was all grown up. Twenty-one and married… I was taking myself pretty serious. I had a whole lot of things on an invisible list of what I thought I should be like… what I should do and not do and I was pretty serious about life… and then I met Caroline. About my age, but she was fun and enjoying life and totally pushed me out of my comfort zone. I remember going home and complaining about the little girl I met at work. Completely annoyed.. mostly due to the fact that somehow she had given herself permission to get of the “lists” and just live her life. The Gull. I was glad that I “got it”, fairly quickly and we became fast friends, shared a lot of great life experiences together like the birth of our children and life as young wives and moms.

I had another such moment this week while talking to friends….there a moments in my life where my ADD/OCD can take over. My coping skills need tweaked, and I just need to re-group. As I reached out for advice on dealing with some recent things, It was suggested that I take up running, or hiking or…….. I have an adversity to exercise.. when we call it exercise. It had always been brought up in the context of weight loss. I never, as impossible as it may seem, had thought about it in the context of helping me process.

My fidgeting can be…..obnoxious to those that are the closest to me. My lack of ability to sit still can be exhausting. Not only for me, but for others. So I did it. With my three grandpups and Daisy Mae…took to the back roads… on foot. walking the miles and fidgets away…..

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