A Season Of Thanksgiving

Is it just me, or do others forget hard lessons learned?Image

I don’t set out to forget them. At the time, I can’t ever imagine that I would. But yet….. It happens. The hardest for me to understand is then I know to stand on the promises of God… the way that when He allows something to leave my life, my own personal experience is that in time…HIS time He replaces it with something of equal value or greater. But in the season of waiting….. I forget.

I forget that “better” is just around the corner… sometimes, a long winding corner, but corner all of the same.

I secretly wonder what it will take for that particular lesson … that particular truth.. to stick. But, I am care to make sure that I dont say that too loudly as not to provoke additional lessons to insure the lesson ….. I do not want to know bad enough, I suspect, to follow the old adage that practice makes perfect.

But, I am getting better… as today, was one of those days where I could say, “OK, God… I know..” I can see your hand print… your heart prints all over the path that you have me on… I can see how all the traits you have been teaching me over the years…. can be used in the here and the now.

I find myself thankful for both God’s gentle hand as I learn and re-learn lessons…… as well as his patience with my doubting heart.

In a season of thanksgiving, I am the most thankful for to know that I was designed with purpose in mind…. Thank You!!! thank you, that all that I have experienced, all that I have learned, and somehow forgotten at times, has brought me to this moment in time.

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