ImageThere is no way that I could have know the joy that having girls would bring. Not having raised girls, how could I have? And believe  me, I am aware that not all girls probably fill this description, but the girls that our guys have brought into our lives are really amazing.

Emerald – (Thomas) daughter in law – has taught me so much. Eme loves the girly side of being a girl…. bows and ribbons and lace are her.. while I can’t call her a girly girl.. because she can keep up with the boys just fine, doing it with nails and her hair in ribbons. Eme is the type of girl that chooses to see the best in everything and everyone. While not a morning person, she is almost always happy-go-lucky (post coffee).. her compassion for others is immeasurable.. it is just one of the things that she has taught me. It is just one of the things that she has taught me…. another is her confidence. She is uniquely herself and I adore that about her.

Zoey – (Adrian) has a heart that seems to be bottom-less. Her wide-eyed innocence is amazingly refreshing, and a great counter balance to my pessimism. She blows through our house like fresh air.

Sami – (Cole) makes me laugh – always. Her zeal for life and her “bring it on” attitude just makes my heart smile. There has not been one adventure since she arrived that she hasn’t grabbed hold of with full gusto. Her heart for animals is unmatched. She has ridden shot-gun with me on more than one.. more than a dozen adventures and made them all the more enjoyable. We share a love for horses and she can hold her own with a camera, as well as a shot-gun.

Kassie – (Luke) – (not pictured) more to come on Kassie…..stay tuned.. a little birdie tells me we will get to spend more time with her in the months to come.

I especially love how well these girls love one another and support each other. They are not competitive with each other. They each bring their own set of uniqueness to the family and they celebrate each others contributions.

I could not have known how blessed I would be with amazing women in our family… But, I am so thankful that they are here… they make my life so much the richer.

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1 thought on “Girls

  1. A wonderful blessing times four 🙂 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family 🙂 Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂


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