A Cowgirl Interrupted

GingerI was one of those little girls born into chaos. Not chaos of my own doing, just a baby, being raised by a baby and with that the chaos that just seems to follow.

For those that wonder if there is a God who knows.. I can tell you, I have never doubted that truth in my life. It seems that at every bend.. every life event that could have been too much for me to handle.. God sent someone, or something that was a safe and soft place for me to place my hurts and tears.

One of the first was a herd of horses that belonged to a neighborhood cowboy. I am not sure who was my first love.. the horse or the man.. but, either way, it has been a love that has lasted a lifetime.

John had the cowboy wisdom that just said “that girl needs a horse to talk to” and he was right.

I have spent my whole adult life dreaming of those horses and wanting one of my own. I have  borrowed horses, kept my boots in the stirrups (so to speak). I have had so many gracious friends who let me play with their horses, but life never seemed right to have one of my own.


Fast forward 30 years and we get to today… Soon to be my 51st birthday and yep, another Cowboy (my hubby) decided this was the perfect time for me to have my own pony.

Her name is Ginger – She is an eight year old Appaloosa Roan, and she is beautiful.  I have called myself a cowgirl interrupted.. but this year.. I have branded, pushed cattle, vaccinated, preg checked, pulled calves, ridden one horse after another….. been on the backside of the shuts photographing cowboys… And now, getting my own horse.. Life if good.. My heroes have always been cowboys…

No longer a Cowgirl Interrupted.. but, a full-fledged Cowgirl!

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