To Begin Again

IMG_8278Another year, almost coming to an end. A day of reflection as I think about all the people, places, things that 2013 was wrapped up with. Never have I been more grateful for “old” friends, new friends, and new opportunities. The year has packed full. It was a year that I can look back on with no regrets. A year, that unlike some, I am not all that eager to say good-bye to. Sure, I’m ready to say good-bye and usher in the new… but, when I do, it will be a fond farewell.  2013 was a good year, and not one that I am running from.

Somewhere in the year, I found a balance in most areas of my life… Just enough travel, just enough fun, just enough work, just enough pain, just enough growth, just enough love, just enough “weeding”…..

I started the year needing health answers. Luckily they came to me in the form of having my thyroid removed. which offered immediate relief… even though I have spent the rest of the year finding all the right meds and balance and… It has been a progressive things.. gaining strength and energy at every turn…

Career wise – so many doors opened that I could never have predicted. What it taught me is, that sometimes we don’t even know what to ask for… That if we are willing to believe that God has our best interest at heart.. the right opportunities will find us. Don’t get me wrong, there is always action required on our part, but leading an intentional life opens doors that you cannot even describe.

I’ve made great gains in the “love” department this year. It was a life long conversation where I had believed a lie since childhood. Life sent me some really hard lessons this year; losses, near losses, heartbreak…. But, lessons that helped me finally understand the truth that self-love has to be at the helm of love… I have always had a certain head knowledge of things like – – “what we allow will always be”… and other great sayings… But, until I had the courage to change it…. I could not have predicted the freedom that was unleashed. I, finally, am okay with truly letting go of those that needed to be let go of… holding on less tightly to those I was afraid to be without, and trust enough, to allow new people in again…. Not because I trusted them, necessarily, but because I knew that I trusted me, to handle what ever may come.

In 2013, I have learned to make peace with my past. I can finally look back at it and regret nothing…. well, almost nothing.. there is still one thing I am holding on to, trying to find a way to reconcile it.. but, one.. out of many… is progress and I will take it. Perhaps 2014 will take care of the last.

For the first time….. I am looking down the road into 2014 with great anticipation…. feeling as if 2013 is complete…as if it is sitting there tied up in a pretty bow waiting for its farewell. While I have no idea what the new year will bring, I am ready for it. A clean slate.  I am truly ready to begin again.  Happy New Year!!!

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1 thought on “To Begin Again

  1. Rock on girlfriend! Let’s do 2014 together! We are in for one heck of a fabulous ride! love you….


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