Lessons from the Pen


(in the photo – Martin Bales is instructing Tom and I about round pen work).


I have had a few lately.  Lessons, that is. I have been spending time with  my new horse in the round pen. I have heard often that the horse teaches us as much about us, as we set out to teach them. Currently there is no doubt that I am the ones learning the most. The lessons have been numerous. Matter of fact, so many that when I come home at night, my head is reeling.

Today it dawned on me, Love is not enough.

Prior to jumping in to the round pen – there was no doubt that Sissy and I felt an affection for one another. She is a sweet horse, and has a “want”, to be loved and cared for. She has never been hard to harness, and she is even cordial enough to “let” me ride her.

We were good acquaintances.

But once we got into the round pen and I had expectation – the “love” isn’t exactly what I was feeling……

Much like life – Love, often times, isn’t the only thing that it takes to make any relationship work. She is learning to respect my space and to pay attention to me when I am talking to her. Ha, well now that sounds about right…. In return, I am learning to respect her space and to listen to her when she is trying to tell me something….

Love alone – – -the emotion – – – isn’t enough in any relationship. They all take time and effort. We cannot expect a horse – – – or another person to know what we expect if we don’t spend time doing the work.

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