I Wonder

Have you ever considered who, or what, you would be if not for the pursuit of the almighty dollar?


I certainly know that I have. I see those that I love and care about, put who they are as artists, singers, creators, mentors, on the back burner in exchange for what they “need” to do to make the house payment, car payment and  whatever else.

How did we get here?

My husband and I were watching a t.v show the other night where a hippy kind of guy was showing young people how to build homes using things that have been discarded… cans, tires, old concrete etc. The finished product was amazing, and the cost a fraction of what “normal” construction is.

Why are we not teaching each other THAT?  why instead are we leading our children down the mortgage avenue where they are strapped for the rest of their adult life?

Few of us can walk away from our paying jobs to pursue “LIFE, ” and to me that is a sad commentary of the state we are in.

It seems that our disposable mindset – has made living something that is disposable. 

I have to admit, I don’t know how to even begin to counsel the next generation as to how they get off the grid…. But, I will be the first to help them fan the search.

We have deflated the value of living….. we have made it all about chasing the all mighty dollar…. the game is to keep up with the Jones’ – – – chasing some illusive version of life that has little to do with living.

How did we get here, I wonder.

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