Just Another Thursday





If I had to give one piece of advice for young families, I would gently offer, “Stop living for the weekends.” Now before you all implode and start offering up all the reasons why…. Let me just say, I get it. I raised 4 kids, held down jobs, dealt with the school schedule, a hubby that worked his days to the bone….

It isn’t a criticize, it is just an observation. A Aha moment. Last night – Thursday – As I was crawling into bed and waiting for my exhausted… aching body to drift off into a welcomed slumber, I thought.. WOW!!! and this is only Thursday.

There are a lot of things that happen on the weekends that I cannot wait to get to.. Some brilliant things.. but, there are also some things that happen during the week, that make me appreciate that I am not just trying to get through the week to get to the good stuff.. I am designed my life.. surrounded my life with, people and things that ARE the good stuff.. Sat and Sunday are just extensions of the week, not an escape from……

Life happens so quickly. I know… every “old” person you meet tells you the same… but, it is true. If there is one regret that I have, it is that I didn’t squeeze everything out of the week that I could when then kids were little.

But, I am immensely grateful that somehow, somewhere, I have embraced the thought that life happens in big ways, even if it is just another Thursday. 

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