Cave Girl


I am a slow learner for sure. Well, I am actually a pretty fast learner once I decide it is a road I want to go down. Nutrition has always been a road that I loved to read about, although I often lacked enough integrity to have to live “it” – – – whatever the “it” of the month was. I think I have read and studied EVERY nutritional protocol out there.  I have gone raw, and juiced, and dabbled in vegetarian lifestyle….But, I never really felt strong enough about anything…. to just devote myself to it. They all had things that I liked about them, and all had things that I didn’t like and often… usually, it was enough to derail me, pretty easily.

Often, these lifestyle choices would promise to heal what is ailing me, rarely did that happen for me… my health journey has been much like that of a leaky hose.. When I get one thing under control.. something else springs a leak. This has been my journey for years.

Before I go to much further, let me just say, I think that we are all so uniquely made and that each of us have a journey – –  our bodies require and react to different things… so this isn’t about what I think others should do, but I am writing this to celebrate what may just be the path that I am suppose to be on.

The Paleo ( or The Cave Man Diet) is one that my friend Dori has been sharing with me for a number of years. I celebrated that it was working for her, but I was certain it wasn’t for me. I couldn’t wrap my head around how it could work for me. Dori never pushed. As a believer in personal responsibility, she knew that the only way it would work would be for me to embrace it and then her support would supplement my journey… I love that best about our friendship. I have always had the freedoms to make my own choices without it affecting our friendship.

For the last 7 years I have been sick. But honestly, not sick enough to make the changes I need to make. It was something that I could maneuver around. Last year when I had my thyroid out, I thought.. “okay, that is that.”  And, it was …… until March of this year… when my health took a huge plunge.  I, with the help of my health care provider I have spent the last five months chasing symptoms.

In my desperation, I went to the cave. It wasn’t a choice, really, my body had so broken down that eating certain foods sent me spiraling out of control physically…. eating became like trying to run through a maze blind folded, trying not to hit the wall. I rapidly found that eating gluten, dairy, sugar, lentil, legume free… kept me off the wall…. While the Paleo diet allows for eggs and nuts, I have found I cannot currently process them, so I don’t. Caffeine is also out.

It is hard to be sick and be your own strongest advocate. But, you have too. It is ideal to surround yourself with professionals that can support you in your journey. There are things; tests and wisdom that they can and should provide. Finding the best is absolutely key…..

How do you know that you have the best care providers for you, the test is simply – they ” have you” when you are to weak  to be in control. Let me explain. There have been times in this process, this past two months for me, where you find out, if you are where you should be. Like any great team, when one of the team mates is down, the rest step up and fill in…, if that doesn’t happen, then you need to find a team that can be that.. If you hear comments like, “you should have called us for test results” you didn’t follow up…. it is time to let go….and find someone that understands the disease.

I feel fortunate to have found a new doctor that not only speaks my language, but is a linguistic. She has mastered the language. She had me at, “lets stop chasing the symptoms and find the cause.”  She understands the nature of the disease and when she says, “we got this” what she means is, looks we will call you when your results are in, here is my number, use it…. ALL of your test results are online for your to access at any time.

There are times when it is necessary to lay low and rest. Matter of fact, there are times when it is necessary. I can tell you, it is easier to that when you know your team truly has it……

So yep, I am laying low these days.. sleeping more…. taking naps, not attending social events… Yep, thats right… I have gone into a cave.. just call me Cave Girl.

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