Falling into Fall


It seems as if fall is all around me… the crisp mornings and breezy nights…. that bring with it the decadent aroma of vine ripened grapes, the humming of machinery speeding down the roadway carrying their crops to the processors. Birds and squirrels making hast to capture what is needed as they anticipate colder, less abundant days ahead…..

There is something magical to me about the fall…. while I dislike the earlier sun sets…. I love most everything else about it… the sights; as if the last bursts of color just pours out of the hills, trees and fields. The sounds; as the creatures busily make their plans. The smells; as if when outdoors you are sitting in the middle of grandma’s kitchen while she bakes…

The magic of it all seems to compel one to contemplate…. Not just the the future, but life itself.. and if not contemplate then at least reflect on the summer months and the many activities that we tend to throw into those three months.

There is nothing quit like, falling into fall…….

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