Life’s a Beach


I am finding it hard this morning to complete the journey back home from another amazing long weekend with girlfriends. Not that there isn’t so much back home that I cannot wait to get back to, there absolutely is, and I know that once I am over the pass, and breathing in the East side air, I will get lead foot and cannot get home fast enough.

But, in this moment as I sit at my son and daughter-in-laws darling little home, sipping perfectly brewed coffee from their Keurig, I am savoring every last drop of my weekend get-a-way.

I suppose it is because I do know how much of a gift I have been given in the friendships of these amazing women. Life with them is just so easy. And trust me, we have been tested. We have camped in the rain, been surrounded by other people bringing drama, held up in a Victorian house, taken long ass road trips together, you name it, we haven’t just set ourselves aside in some no stress situations and built a Utopia and called it a perfect friendship. It has been tested by health, by differences in religion, and diet, and lifestyles but at the core of it…. there is deep love and appreciation for who we are and the journey we are each on.

There were many “favorite moments” from the long weekend, most I cannot write about here…. but, I think I love the feeling of sitting on the sofa in our pj’s sipping on hot coffee wasting away the mornings talking about life….. or maybe it was, being bumper to bumper in the kitchen preparing meals….. or perhaps the snorting laughs over all the silly stuff, or the shared tears over the deep heart-break or the mourning of loss, or health, or dreams.

Perhaps it was the long walks on the beach where words weren’t needed…. Each of us deep in our own thoughts, gazing out into the blue wavy abyss coming to the realization of how small each of us, our problems are in the comparison of such beauty. Isn’t it just like nature to remind us that all of those things that seems so big, so consuming, are small and manageable in the light of all that nature is?

As I sit here, unable to really focus on my favorite part of the weekend, it comes to me. My favorite part of this weekend is knowing that we are already planning our next get-a-way together. And knowing that safe in their harbor of friendship, I can go back to the amazing life I have been blessed with a feeling of fullness. And when life begins to get hard, I can just go for a walk and envision the ocean around me, my friends surrounding me on the beach and know that all things are okay.

Until our next weekend taking us who knows where…. I will envision my Life as a beach.

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