There’s some “Schoolin'” going on up in here.


Have you ever looked at life as one “test” after another; more opportunities to show you, if you are progressing in this big Universe we call life? I do.

I am always looking for the “lesson.” The big “take away.”  I believe they are there, otherwise, what is the purpose of such experiences?

I have never been a strong test taker. I hate them. Both in life and on paper. But, I am sure that few people like them. It cannot just be me that doesn’t.

The thing that makes them more palatable, is the knowing that we all have them. Those life exams that leave you feeling vulnerable, exposed and fearful …. I’ve had my share. I have landed on the failing side of the grading scale more than I care to admit. But, I have learned from them. So I don’t think I can really call them failing, even though I see a big RED “F” stamped all over them.

Pop exams are the absolute worst for me. They are cruel. You can’t study, really. They are simply there to test what you know…. To show you what you have caught along  the way. They are like people, they come for reasons, seasons, or as lessons to add value to your life, in ways that you didn’t have prior to them coming. It doesn’t matter if they are good, bad or indifferent. They hold amazing value, yet they are brutal in the moment.

Life, as it does, threw me another one of those tests this week. Truly, it was more a test that was graded only on my ability to pass or fail. Nothing in the middle would do. I am happy to report that I passed. And, may I say with flying colors. Here is how I know.

As I looked for the lessons, and examined my heart for needed changes or course redirection.. Nothing. No wringing of hands worried about what I could or should have done different, no gnashing or thrashing with the what ifs and….. With every question the answer was clear and precise.

No self doubt. No whoa is me. No  making it about me. Just keeping it real. All the things that life had showed me in the past, in this moment prepared me for success.

As thanksgiving weekend winds it’s way down, I feel myself grateful for the lessons, even the hard ones as they lead me to the person I want to be.  My heart is full as I anticipate the days and weeks ahead on this amazing journey.

I guess it is so true. There is some Schoolin’ going up in here……

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