Lessons From The Pen: To the Edge Of Glory


I have been challenged by a quote from Maya Angelou that says, ” Not everything that happens, happens to you, sometimes they happen for you.”

I have to admit I tend to first go to the “to me” side of this issue…. But, it has been life changing for me to shift my thinking and really try to grasp the concept that a loving God is way more likely to send send things “for” us.

I recall working with my sweet mare Sis and trying so hard to apply bug spray during the summer and smear swat in her ears to keep the bugs from driving her buggy. She too, would fight me, rare up and pull back, making the experience so much work.

Time and time again and I tell her that her behavior was causing the process to last so much longer then needed, and that if she could only see that I was trying to help her…..

I think that my nature is the same as hers. My issue to being that of trust, or the lack there of. Fighting the process, even when it was in my own best interest.

Like Sis, sometimes the seemingly smallest shifts in thinking, made all the difference in the world. Sometimes those things that seem like such small steps are actually huge inner shifts.

It may seem that ¬†changing one little word in a belief is a small shift in one’s thinking but in this case it is huge.. changing the To to For, has truly led me to the Edge of Glory.

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