From Our Home to Yours – Merry Christmas


In a normal year, I would have sent out our Christmas cards and letter by now. This is not a normal year. Having said that, aside from a little pesky health issue, it has been a really good year.

All our kiddos are home. We feel so blessed that we have a front row seat in their lives. Living lives side by side and discovering that not only do we love them, as our children. We really like them as people.

Thomas and Eme are celebrating their second year of wedded bliss. Thomas continues his life in the U.S. Marine Corp working in the Media Unit out of Seattle. He is an avid “American Made” consumer, and is so very talented; enjoying metal work and alternative building ideas. Eme is a great wife and a wonderful addition to our family.

Lucas and Kassie gave us Rhett this year. Our first grandbaby, and oh what a joy he is. He has certainly captured the hearts of us all. Lucas is managing the local Club 24 fitness center here in Prosser and plans on continuing his schooling in fire science. Kassie is working at Macy’s and is a great mama… We adore her and the joy she brings.

Zoey and Adrian are both so busy with school. We see them the least of all the kids, but will take what we can get. Adrian continues to work as an EMT and is working his way to medical school. We are really proud of them both.

Cole is back in Prosser and is managing an athletic shoe store inside of Macy’s in Kennewick, Washington. He is pursuing education to be an electrician, and is eagerly awaiting girlfriend Sam’s return from Florida. She has completed her schooling there and is in the process of deciding what comes next. We are sure that it will be something where she can continue her work with animals.

Matthew is a senior this year – which seems unreal to all of us. He isn’t 100% sure what he wants to do after high school although he is sure it will be computer related.

Tom and I have had a great year. One of our highlights was spending eight days at a friend’s ranch the beginning of the month. Just the perfect get away…and a perfect way to end the year. Tom continues to work for Bolthouse Farms where he has taken on the role as General Manager for Washington and Canada. I continue to write for Agri Times and of course blog, when the spirit leads.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the best in the New Year.

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