A Whimper


The New Year came in with the slightest of a whimper. Calm and easy like. My walking has commenced and much like Cheryl Strayed, I too heard myself ask, “what in the hell was I thinking?”  I hate walking, but I am and I will and with each step I will find more purpose and meaning to 2015. I am determined.

My first few days in the new year have been spent helping our third son clean up his new home – paint, put new flooring down and the likes. I enjoy it. I enjoy watching him enjoy it.

I continue to eagerly await some of my new “cultures” to come in the mail and then I will begin the journey in Body Ecology.. well, truth is I have already began, but….. I will certainly be amping things up.

I have enjoyed the slowness of the past few days. No TV no radio, just working, laughing, tuning out the world. The voices. The noise and enjoying the moments…. Being lost in my own thoughts, only to come back to the laughter or waling from the other room, or the eya of the donkey out the window, which brings a smile to my face and calls me out to say hello back.

There has been nothing to spectacular in the last few days, unless you count the amazing sun sets, or the captivating pink and blue  hues on the horse heavens… Much like the beginning of WILD… Just slow and steady .. putting one foot in front of the other.. recognizing that 1200 miles begins with just putting one foot in front of the other.. slow and steady…. 2015 came in with a  whimper.

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