It’s The Little Things


I have noticed lately that it is the little things these days that seem to make me the happiest. Drives at dusk. Texts, at just the right moment from sister friends… and spending the weekends with friends getting sunburned while chasing cows and sharing dirt.

Old songs; shared with friends, campfires, stupid laughter over the silliest things. Old friends, you know the ones, ones that you have shared life with, ones that you can just share space with, not worrying about anything… knowing them so well, yet discovering some small truth about them that you never knew before.

Time in the garden. Hoeing, planting new seed. Listening to the birds and the barking dogs in the neighborhood and playing fetch with your own pooch.

Being on the back of the horse, not following any trail, but rather out in the wide open spaces, acres between you and friends, and cows and cow dogs. No words needed, just being aware of what and where to be.

Rocking in the chair at the end of a long day with our grandson. His tired eyes staring into yours. It just seems to wash away the day.

And sleep. So thankful for the restful sleep I have rediscovered.

While there is so much to be grateful for, these days it’s the little things.

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