Get Out Of My Way!!!!!!


It comforts me to think, or perhaps worse, tell myself that I am not the “only” one that gets in my own way. But, since I have recently been challenged to stop doing the same things over and over again that keep me from being my best version of myself, I need to stop telling myself these things as they really do only serve to keep me stuck.

My heart smiled this past week when I was out with friends photographing them brand their calves. Being a girl that loves the western lifestyle, days like this particular day, feed my soul. I love everything about it, the dust and smell of sage, the heat beating down. The neighing of the horses eager to “push cows” and the laughter of the riders as they set out to “bring ’em in. It all speaks me …. and God seems to be willing to meet me here. For, perhaps it is in this space that my heart is the most open… and my mouth shut, but whatever the reason, I hear Him more, out in the open space surrounded by cattle, horses and those that love the life as much as I do.

As the cows were being brought to the corrals.. they and their babes…. I was particularly intrigued by the commonness I could see in the momma cows. They had a sense of knowing that what was to come, was going to be okay, yet, like all good moms, they were mindful of the activities. They kept themselves between us and their little ones… well, except for the wayward ones and I get that too.. Look even us human moms have those moments when we say, “that one is a slow learner,” ….

I especially loved the mama cow that came a running when her little one, was being branded (and castrated), she didn’t “charge” in a protective way, rather she was determined to be there.. eye to eye with her little man…. as if to communicate to him that all was well… and that she was there, on the other side of this, and he could do it.

Sure enough, when the procedures were done, up he went… as if nothing had happened. Back to life as he knew it.

I have thought of that mama cow often since my day with her. I have wondered how often, if ever, I have ran into a situation, ready to stare it down, ready to stand in full confidence that whatever happened, I was there to insure the outcome.

It takes a special kind of confidence to look trouble in the eye and stare it down. To look past those doing the “tasks” and keep focus on who or what matters the most. To, not get caught up in the distractions.

I found myself chuckling as I thought about that mama cow. Who knew she would turn out to be such a role model. A shining example of what to do. I love her tenacity to show her commitment to the end game. She seemingly knew that what was about to happen, was going to happen – she didn’t get caught up in that – she was committed to the end game.

Often times. To often. I get distracted by things that I should be willing/able to look past to get myself to the end game. I need to not get “stuck” on the whys of things. There is time, after, to work through all that. Instead, I think I will  channel my inner mama cow – and let my actions scream get out of my way – and focus more on the end game.

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