Birthdays in Heaven


Today is the birthday of our beloved friend Roger Edwards. This morning as I woke, I laid in bed, contemplating the day ahead, I recall that today is the day. The invitations went out, the RSVP’s returned, and I checked off the list of things that I wanted to, needed to get done before heading to the Edward’s Ranch.

With my head still on the pillow, my cell phone by my side, my mind wandered off…. “are birthdays celebrated in heaven?” I could hear myself inquire. As I laid there, searching for answers, as if there was any that any of us here on earth could know for sure, I allowed my mind to play. We writers do that.

I could envision a day in heaven – a perpetual party of sorts. A place where there is no sadness, no mourning, no regrets. A joyous place where love abounds, where health has won over sickness and all things “bad” have been shed off. I smile as I smell in the sweetness of wet grass, and imagine the music playing off in the distance. I can hear him singing a long. I watch as Roger rides the clouds on a beautiful horse with his cow dog chasing the cattle on a million hills.

Today in heaven, is like ever day that Roger has encountered since his arrival. But, today when the heavenly bells chimed, it was his name among the list of names being read off by the angels- a moments reflection of his journey -the heavens show a slide show of his top ten moments here on earth – His birth, marriage, the births of his kids, and grand-kid, and giving his daughters away, are among them, they are followed by the father’s words of “well done.” The moment is fleeting as there are things to do before he greets us all on the other side, but they are a joyful recall that fills his heart and mind.

My conviction is, that It is only we, those still down here missing him, that feel the sting of his absence. I don’t think those in heaven miss us in the same way as we do them, for they are in great anticipation of our arrival. Now in the “know” of God’s plan for us, and working along side HIM to prepare for that day, however long that might take.

It makes my heart leap, as my feet hit the floor. How blessed are we to have known him, and to have him riding the range of heaven; a cow boss of sorts, insuring that our ” heavenly mansions” come cowgirl approved. All the more reason, I tell myself,  to come together and spend this evening laughing, and celebrating all he was, and continues to be in our lives.

Happy Birthday, Roger.

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