Mosey On Down


To Mosey to move in a leisurely or aimless manner :   to saunter

By my very nature, I do not MOSEY. There are few things, in my western world, that I dislike more than the action (or lack of) then I do of the MOSEY. Now, I love the word. It conjures up all kinds of thing in my brain.. Like, John Wayne. I love John Wayne – he the classic Mosey -er – and it is his voice I hear EVERY BLESSED TIME I encounter someone who is in their moseying mode. In my head I can see him tip his hat, drop his hip and say, “now don’t worry about a thang little lady,” as he swipes his pointing finger through the air…. slow and methodically. His charm meant , I am sure, to swoon me. However, even as charming as he is, I find myself rolling my eyes and looking for a horn to blast, to awaken them from their sloth like coma-ed trance.

While I would like to be able to say that over the passage of time I have mellowed, and have learned to just be….. I HAVE NOT. Instead, I have learned the art of avoidance – making sure I stay clear of this particular breed when I am hoping to get some thing accomplished, or…. needing anything from them. Or, when I do have the privilege of their Moseyness…. I pre-plan, by having a million things I need to think through or accomplish while sitting… waiting….

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are Mosey-ers that I love. God in his endless need and desire for humor, has packed my life’s saddle bags, with several of them. People I adore and will just never be without…. But, it is clear that we are two ends of a paradigm. Me; more like a Texas Tornado – which of course – to them must be absolutely terrifying – as even at their fastest pace – cannot escape me coming, even if seen miles away. I have been told, that I can get more done in a day than some can in a week… and of course, I cannot believe that it would take them a week…. but, in my head… there he is John Wayne, my mosey muse, there to distract me from the pain of the moments ahead… me his “little lady.”

I find that mosey-ers come in many different forms. Some mosey emotionally, some verbally, some physically – Some even multi task and hit all three in one… and may I just say,a particularly special kind of hell for me-but I love em.. I find myself wondering how they don’t already know how they feel, or think, or…. as I , cannot think of a situation where if asked how I feel, what I think, or what I can do… would need to take time to mosey and chew on it like some regurgitated cud, hoping to find some last morsel of nutrient to push me over the edge into the knowing.

Now sure there are times in which I thought – wow, Rene’ you could have said that better.. or perhaps not at all… But, I am keenly aware, not to justify myself in any way, those that Mosey don’t have any better a track record once they finally form their thoughts and words, then I do. And, often by the time they mosey on down… I have totally forgotten what it is that they have been chewing on.

Personally, I think we give Mosey-ers more credit then we ot. We glorify them as if by taking time they have put more thought into something….. Nope… THEY HAVEN’T. Truly, when asked a question, I think it is quiet possible it is the first time they have even even contemplated the question. Of course, that doesn’t make them wrong… all I am saying is, that it doesn’t make them more right.. We tornadoes.. are often criticized for well being such, but when something needs done, it is usually a storm tracker you want to help locate us.

Now this isn’t a critic of them that mosey.. but rather just a statement of my likes and dislikes. And, if you are a Mosey-r and have a gripe with this…. well, just mosey on down.. but be sure to remind me of the topic, as I am sure I will have already blown in elsewhere by the time you arrive.

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