Social, or Un-Social Media, that is the question


So, I am somewhat undecided if all this sitting around (due to my illness)  has been more of a blessing or a curse.There seems to be plenty of evidence for making a case for both.

It has been a weird couple of weeks – reflective.  I have always been the type that spends plenty of time in my own head..Often joking that I am rarely ever lonely has I have so many inner conversations going that I always feel there is a crowd. Some of them amazing characters that are taking shape, ready to be introduced to paper. Inner dialog, and God Whispers.. I love them all.

Yet lately, I have been contemplating social media. There is much I adore about. For example, the fact that it notifies me of my friends’ up and coming special days, is totally brilliant.. I am not a natural at that, so this has been a great tool. I also love that it keeps me in contact with those that I wouldn’t get to see or share life with on a weekly basis. I have a lot of friends that live far a way, we are all busy, and getting to share in their lives in some small way, brings me joy. I also love that as family we can share photos ( although perhaps some wish I would share fewer), and other great memories.

Yet, as I came home the other day, after sitting along side the road with a stranger… having people pass by as if we were not there, I wondered if I have become to isolated here in the real world? Has social media become a buffer of sorts. Where I can just “un-follow” those who are negative, or talking about issues I don’t want to deal with. Or sharing their dirty laundry or…. Has it allowed me to only experience the cleaned up marketing version of life and have that be called reality? Does it keep me from having to deal with those “hard”people, that I would rather not deal with? Or worse, does it allow me to only see one side of someone – the side they want me to see- instead of the whole of someone.. flaws and all, and in return do I only make myself look “polished” and leaving the impression that life his just peaches and cream?

I was challenged on this notion again this morning as I read Proverbs 27:17 “As Iron sharpens Iron, so does one person sharpen another.”

I cannot help but to ask myself, does living an electronic life equal a sterilized life? One where I don’t have to really get my hands dirty, let others see my flaws and vulnerabilities and my countless failings? Does it keep me from seeing yours, and then having an unrealistic expectation of the whole of you?

We have all become amazing self marketers. Painting pictures of flawless lives, beautiful children and grandchildren, and taking the perfect selfie.. Yet, I wonder how many of us suffer in silence? because it doesn’t fit the social narrative.

Have I traded meeting up for coffee, or lunch or bible study or even Tupperware for the social chat room. Relying on technology to give me that social connection in exchange for a hug, or shared tears, or laughter.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that I can talk with my friends at the click of a key board.. Make plans, share prayer requests, etc. But, I too wonder if it is social or un-social media.. yep, today; that is the question.

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