Seeing Red


When I look around me, the “troubles” I face seem little in the light of what some, go through. I am aware that there are those out there, suffering, truly suffering with things that seem insurmountable, and comparatively, I have nothing to complain about.

Every now and again I feel self pity setting up camp… usually when I am missing out on some fun activities, because I cannot get my world to stop spinning. In those moments, I can actually cry out, “Why me, Lord.” and then, not even waiting for the answer, I say.. “Why not me?”

I heard it said once, or twice, that if all the people in the world put their troubles into the center of a circle… most of us would pull back our own, in light of what others have to deal with. I know that for me that is true.

My life is filled with abundant blessings. Most days, I feel the need to pinch myself, hit my knees and thank God for it all. We don’t have a fancy house, or take exquisite vacations, but we have all the things that money cannot buy, beautiful healthy children and grandchild, amazing extended family and friends to name just a couple.

So once again this morning, as I woke nauseous, dizzy, needing to have blood drawn, and sitting in waiting rooms, listening to options of which NONE seem like the path I want to choose, while trying to find the energy to be my own advocate……I have to dip deep, go past the why me’s, and pity party and grab a hold of my boot straps and do the work of fighting for my health.

I have a lot to fight for, a new generation of Groom’s that I want to be up-front and active in their lives. So, today the fight comes in a box…a Clairol Nice’n Easy box.. watch out world, I’m calling on my inner T’Wanda…

I’m seeing Red!

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