This past week I read a post that someone made on a mutual friends face book page stating that in their opinion, a person relying on Faith, was a sure sign of that person’s weakness.  I have spent a lot of time contemplating that.

I cannot image my life without faith. If that means, in your view, that I hobble through life with a cane or a crutch, then so be it. I have made peace with the thought that in my “weakness”, I am able to admit that I cannot do “it” alone. Whatever the it may be. While the world may see Faith as weakness, I have come to see it as a sign of strength.  It takes a certain kind of inner strength to admit to the world.. or even to ourselves, that we need help in this life. Few people that I know, are as “independent” in nature as I  tend to be, so I know how hard it is to admit that I need help, or that I cannot do something myself. But, there is no shame in that. Why, I wonder, have we bought into the lie that strength means, “going it a lone?”

I cannot imagine a life in which I had no faith. What would be the purpose? If I was not living out a story, written exclusively for me by my creator, for His Glory and His purpose, what then, would be the purpose of this thing called life? If my story wasn’t interwoven with all of creation… a thin gold thread in the tapestry of all things.. where would the beauty be?

I love that I have a creator who has written my story, and loves it, and me, so much that he has wrapped every detail in ribbons and bows and asks me to participate by unfolding each and every one of the gifts, he has so graciously given. And, that when I feel lost and frustrated and seeking for the next step in the journey, Faith is there for me to hold on to. It  shines the light in places I cannot see in to. Exposes doors I didn’t see. And, props me up when I am tired and beaten and bloodied from the journey.

To me, this thing called Faith is magical and mystical – for it is the substance of things hoped for, The Evidence of things not seen.

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