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I have always heard the saying, “stop and smell the roses,” and to my credit, I have always tried to savor the moments. Not that I have always done it. There are moments that I look back on and wish I had gone slower… savor more… Perhaps in some instances we all do.

One of the best gifts I have been given is that of our precious grandson Rhett… and, since we are living so close I have the great pleasure of spending time with him when his parents work.  Today, as he and I played in a blocked off section of the newly laid flooring and painted wall… protecting him from the parts that are not done and are still a hazard zone… As he played, I caught myself worrying about the new flooring, or the walls as trucks and other other objects crashed into them. And, as often happens, the little voice inside told me to yet again to stop and savor the memories.

Some day I will find chips in the wall paint, scratches on the floor and they will be reminders of this precious time together. How God magically orchestrated this time, for the both of us. The concerns of the surface stuff melted away as his little hands, filled with books and sippy cup offer.. “up, up,” as he climbs up on the sofa and onto my lap, his little head nestles into my neck and he hugs me so tightly. He clumsily spins around, opening the book we have read for nearly a dozen times today.

It seems our whole life we, Tom & I, have dreamed of laying these floors, but there was always the issue of time and money. Even now, we cannot afford to all that we dream of doing to this place.

My heart smiles as I think that some day when Rhett is older, and the house is quiet, and I have all the time I need to do the tasks at hand.. I will discover some dent, or scratch, or…. and I will fight back the tears, and my heart will swell as I recall this day, and others like it, when instead of focusing on the material things, Rhett and I read “brown bear” one more time, and made memories that will keep me company in those someday quiet afternoons.

Riches can be measured by a lot of things…and as we anticipate the arrival of Rhett’s little cousin later this month – the wealth that has been bestowed on me with the title of Granny, is almost more than I can take in. I love days like today.







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