Another Trip Around The Sun.


Tomorrow, December 17th is my 53 birthday. Wow 53 years. I have done some living. I have laughed, cried… felt the need to bury a few people and loved madly.  I’ve experienced both the good and bad of life, love, and friendships.

Debra (photo above) is not only my friend, and sister, but is also my birthday twin. Both of us born on December 17th.

Deb and I met back when I was working for MaryJane’s Farm Magazine…. and forged a quick and easy friendship. In the beginning we had all the farmgirl things in common… after time and sharing life together, those things, while still interests to us, sort of fell away and deep things fell into their places.  Deb and I are part of a pod …. a pack.. all four of us having met back in the day…. now we vacation together, share our stories, hurts, joys… Celebrate and mourn together. How blessed I have been.

We are all so different. Paulette – travels the world and is in high demand in the Belly Dancing World from Portland, Oregon. Kayla – a busy mom and dairy farmer – from Idaho – stylish, creative, caring… Me…. the writer of the group and Debra… she is the one that keeps us all banded together…. the scheduler of our expeditions. Three part hippy and one part… voice of reason. Together we are a hot mess.. but, boy do we laugh, and cry and drink in life.

Our last adventure we walked on the beach, shared heart stories and heartaches.We stocked a brilliantly handsome Scot, and drank in each others company.

We jumped from farmgirls to Sisters (on the fly) meeting up in our vintage trailers, traveling to one another’s homes for girls’ weekends and more.

I am not sure what I did to deserve such a pack…. even more uncertain what I did to deserve such a friend.

I am convinced that there is no one with a bigger heart than Deb… Never met anyone who can give as much of it away as she can and does. She is the perfect combination between mischief and brilliance.  She too, a “Jackie of all.”

No matter what happens in life, one cannot be consumed with it, when they have such a friend. She has been a sister when I needed one the most.  having her as my friend… has me so thankful to start a new year. I cannot wait to see what adventures this year brings…. Happy Birthday sweet friend….. here is to another trip around the sun. I love you!





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2 thoughts on “Another Trip Around The Sun.

  1. What a most appropriate and lovely post for one of God’s most wonderful creations. I can’t agree with you more on just how she blesses all that come in contact with her. Her smile warms, but her laugh….oh my that laugh! You are lucky indeed to have such a warm “sister”. I am so glad you found each other! And thank you for posting for all of us to reflect upon DEBBIE.


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