Here We Are Again.


Here we are. I have been here 53 other times, yet each time I have circled around it, I have been in a different space.

It’s January 1st.. and with it comes thoughts of what I hope this year will be, the joys it will bring with it, and only a moment as I breath a prayer to be spared of the pain that can come with it too.

As I get older… the pain is harder and harder to avoid. It is that way by design. We lose more of the ones we love…. even if it is in design order, we hold close the ones we love as they say good-bye to ailing parents, or remind them to smile when life becomes too much as they try to balance kids, grand-kids and aging parents who now require more attention.

This time as I meet the New Year head on, it is less about all the things I hope for and more about making solid changes to help to insure the best bet that all will be well. Looking seriously at the things I need to change that I have taken for granted for too long.

As I take time to be reflective, I have to admit that I have lived too much of my life as if I would live forever. That life, age, old age, whatever would not catch up with me. Ha, it does.  And, it does sooner if we aren’t great stewards of what we have been give.  Always, sort of kicking the can down the road.

2015 was a ball buster for me. A glimpse of how things can progress if I don’t get serious about taking care of what God has given me. Thins like health,  family, friends, talents, abilities…. and so one.

Again I stand looking at the pages of this new year…. pen in hand… thinking here we are again… old friend. Here we are again……


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