What Is This World Coming To?


It is a question I have asked myself a million times in the last few months… We see communities being devastated while our president describes it as righteous anger. Overly paid singers using a world wide platform to call for the killing of cops and praising the black panthers. Politicians using their insider knowledge to line their pockets by in essence stealing the nations resources. FEDs being turned against our own ranchers and farmers for trying to stand with the constitution; rights we thought we all had. The over reach of the government in land grabs and in pressing charges against those who challenge their reach.

Every day people being afraid to post things on social media afraid that their own government is watching.  What? I don’t question their reason for being afraid, I just wonder what kind of world we are living in where that is a reality.

I cannot tell you the amount of people who  have either “warned” me about what I repost on social media, or who say they agree with me but would never ever post…. especially those in the ranching world who are so afraid of being the next Hammonds.

I find myself thinking, “this cannot be okay, even with my liberal friends, this cannot be okay.” Maybe I am wrong, but…. let me put it this way. Let me say it like this. Lets say that you own a home, and it has been in your family for years.. and you have done your best to keep it up and make improvements and made it healthy on the inside and out. And, lets say you have two dogs that are your babies.. You love those dogs… and then lets say that for whatever the reason your local government decides that it is not in the interest of your greater community that your dogs poop in their own yards, but rather mandate that they now need to be walked a 1/2 mile down the road to a dog park where they can do their business and you can pick up up and take it back your house to dispose of it properly in poop bins that you must now pay for and supply.  And you do all that, because after all you are a good citizen and you love your dogs and you want to keep them..

So… A few months down the road, they come back and add a few more new rules. And, then they now want you to pay for all the dogs in community because after-all there are people who cannot afford to do it for their own beloved pets. And then, they tell you that the park that is closest to your house can no longer be used as it has been over used.. And you now much take your beloved 2 miles down the road.. BUT you now get to pay for the use of both parks… WHAT, even if we cannot use that 1st park…? Yep.. and for 6 years you pay for a park you cannot use… would you then start to get a bit… frustrated? You have perfectly good grass at home, that you own… but cannot use because the government has decided you cannot, and you have a now healthy park that you pay for just a half mile down the road… and yet it cannot be used as it has not been cleared for use… and yet the price keeps going up and you pay it because you don’t want to lose the potential opportunity to use it again once it is off the no use list….. and the cycle just goes on and on and on…  Would you then feel as if things seemed a little our of control. And what if, you had spent money after money after money fighting the decision to only WIN them in local court to lose them in the higher courts…. crazy right.

Not all who support the ranchers rights to graze are quacks, although the media would like people to think so. Not all of us that believe in our rights to own a gun are crazy. Not all that question the actions of the FEDS in Harney County are nut jobs and hate law enforcement… Not all of us that are Christians and zealots.  Just like all those that are in power are making choices that are best for the entirety.

It is a crazy world to me when ranchers even feel the need to make a stand. If our government was working the way it was intended, then what happened in Harney County would never have been “needed.” If the Constitution was being honored as the Plumb line it was intended, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Do I worry about what I write and so and post? Sure, I have had a couple of weird things happen that make me wonder, but in truth I believe that the constitution is protection of ALL people. If we all have to adhere to it, is provides a level playing field.  And, without it, no one is safe…. when we see it being kicked around and trampled on and chipped away at, it leaves me wondering…. What is this world coming to?

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