Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner.

76fbf832114916265d3e43360862d13fI don’t like the “talking head” shows on radio and T.V although I do think that people should be informed on the issues of the day.  I don’t know why we call the News… News, since most of it is actually just perception on the events of the day. Propaganda to get folks on one side of the issue or the other.

I have gotten to a point where I listen to conservative info and liberal info and trust that the truth is somewhere in the middle. My brilliant group of friends keep me sharp. We all agree to nothing politically. Even my fellow Conservatives have different views that I. I am a Constitutionalist – because I think they are a level playing field for all. And, a Republican candidate doesn’t always get my support simply because they say they are conservative.  I think there are plenty of folks on both sides of the issues that have forgotten about “we the people.”

I think I am a fairly smart girl. Informed. Savvy. So while I don’t enjoy the “News” I listen. I plug my nose and I listen. And, as of late, I have been feeling well….. stupid.  So imagine my absolute pleasure when I heard one political pundent after another saying they were feeling much of the same way…

I don’t get the fascination with Mr. Trump as a presidential hopeful, I think he is fowl, and dumbs us all down, his mean spirit just leaves me wanting to send him to the principals office, but in all fairness I barely tolerated him on his own show.. .  Nor do I understand  the appeal of Berney Sanders – have we learned nothing from history?  I find myself gobsmacked as to why Hilary Clinton isn’t wearing an orange stripped jump suit and saddened that someone like Ben Carson didn’t have a shot due to the fact that he was too moral, to descent, to perfect to survive the political environment.

With neither of the Democratic runners being even a remote option for me, I find myself looking at Rubio, Kasich, Cruz – – – and feeling a little like Goldie Locks.. . . . . . . One is too hard, one to soft and one… well.. Just right.

I didn’t come to my decision easily.  . . . . . . . honestly there is no perfect candidate for me. I came to my choice feeling somewhat painted into a corner.

I have been appalled by the seemingly corruption of the political system. . . .  On both sides. I am horrified by the establishment’s behavior, by the News that promises to be “Fair and Balanced” being neither to the candidates… by not staying neutral but rather stacking the deck by giving air time to their favorites.

I have had to fight the desire to crawl back into my own little world and ignore the chaos that flurries around me.  Firmly clasp a clothes pen over my nose and stay in the know. . . . I remind myself that people have fought and died for my right to vote, and because of that, I have a responsibility to stay in the game.

Being a mom made me feel the need to step up and “adult,” but being a grandma has catapulted me to do my part to be better and to leave better for them.

It’s ugly out here. It smells. And it stresses me out. And, sometimes I think it is all designed to make us little people not want to be a part of the process. . . So, I have stepped into the process. Stepped up. Rolled up my sleeves. Taken  a stand. Chosen a candidate…Because I have decided…. I do matter. My vote does matter… so take this politicals…. no one.. I mean no one, puts baby in a corner.



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1 thought on “Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner.

  1. HoooYaaa Little Sister HooYaaa Glad to See you are a member of the party that makes the most sense But then again you have always been there> Most Didnt know it was even a party until the last 10 or 12 years, I too have cast my Vote (cruz) not because he is the best but because he most fits where the others dont even come close….hopefully a independent Steps up who can sway the rest!!! We WILL TAKE our Country Back…More and More come around to the Right way of thinking Sooner or ;later We MUST MAKE then LISTEN if you do not abide By Our Constitution then you MUST LEAVE….and Good riddance…


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