Not Everyone That Wears The Hat…..

shirt_cowboycode_frontIs a Cowboy……
I think as little ones, we all dream of someday being something. Perhaps it is a nurse, or a doctor, or a fire fighter or teacher. Me; I wanted three things, to be a mom, a writer and  cowgirl. And, I am proud to say that I have, in my own ways done and are all three.  Inside each of these dreams and goals, there are some adjustments, some concessions and some compromises I have had to make.

As a parent, in my childhood I thought I would have six kids. As an actual mom….. I cried uncle at 4 . As a writer; I dreamed of writing a book, and being a sought after magazine writer… and well, I am still working on that. But, as a cowgirl… I am learning that being a cowgirl is multifaceted.  I teeter between my convictions that cowgirls are both made and born.  And, while some cowgirls are born into a cowgirl family, it doesn’t necessarily make them a cowgirl, rather there is a way one chooses to live, a code that seals them more into the title than the mere ability to ride, or the owning of a horse and saddle. It is a matter of the heart.

The same is true of a cowboy. I have met some “boys” who from the outside one might think they they are cowboys, until you see how they live their life, and then it becomes clear that they are not.

A true Cowboy/Cowgirl live their lives by a code of conduct that says their handshake is their word. They treat their animals and land with utmost respect, understanding that both are on loan from God. They work hard and understand that integrity is, that things one does, even when no one is looking. They do not need to be policed to do what is right, they just know to do it.

Being a cowboy isn’t about the horse, the hat or the spurs. Not everyone that wears the hat is a cowboy.

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