Answering The Call

I have always been impressed by those who take up a calling and run with it. I know deep down it is the “thing” that separates those who dream, and those living the dream.  Reminding myself, it is one thing to think about living it and just sitting with it in the quiet of the night.Another thing altogether to hear the call….. and have the strength to answer it. We can all  think of something that has called us…. yet, many of us, don’t bother to answer. We look at the sacrifices it will require and deem them too costly.

This morning my friend Jamie posted a photo on her face book page.  There is was, an old wagon being pulled by a team of mules… Boldly proclaiming “the good news.” I had to go. It is what I do. I tell the stories of those living their lives on the back roads of life…  and certainly Randy Boehmer and his Jesus Wagon fit that bill.

Randy and his team of mules have visited 27 states since beginning their adventure in 2008, beginning in Illinois.. Today found them, off high way 14 in Roosevelt WA. Creeping their way across the Columbia from Oregon. While Randy is evasive about his future plans, he is rather open about sharing his message. “it isn’t a trip says Boehmer, “its a journey. A trip ends, a journey goes on forever.” But, for now, he plans to head west.

Donations can be made through his FB page.

I look forward in sharing his story in Agri Times.

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