McClure Ranch


There are time in which I feel that I was born into the wrong era. And perhaps even longer chucks of time in which I am sure I was born into the wrong “story line.”

Perhaps it is that longing that  propels me to tell the stories of those that are not only products of the western lifestyle, but live their lives champion it. This rare breed lives their lives in a way that honors the past, embraces the present in such a way  that it  keep the dream alive for those of us who dream of it in the future.

I met Dave McClure at a Benton County Cattleman dinner, but I was a fan before that. I had heard Dave sharing his cowboy poetry some time before that. I adore his tales, his humor and the way that he celebrates the life he has inherited.

Today there are six generations of McClure’s on the ground his great grandfather homesteaded. And while that, in and of itself is a  story to tell… I am most charmed with the ways that they live their life in such a way that it makes others dream of a western life. Open and inviting and sharing of knowledge and tales.

My husband Tom and I recently went to their Nespelem ranch for branding, and came away feeling ken to this great family how so openly shared their stories.

Dave and his Dad have two books sharing their families stories and poems… For more details email me or get a hold of David on my face book page. You can also check out my photos from our visit… here…

IMG_0876(Don Signing his books for me)

The people I meet on these “dusty roads,” shape me.  I walked away from this trip feeling grateful for those who God puts in my path who share their lives in such a way, that feels like home.

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