I See You.

My Grandson, Rhett and I started this little game when he was just becoming aware of the world around him. Anytime he and I would lock eyes or.. glance in one another’s direction, I would say, I SECeleste1-373x300E YOU.

Having heard Maya Angelou ask the question, “Do your eyes light up when your love walks into a room?” I always wanted to make sure that he could answer that question with a resounding, yes. He, now nearly two, can say it back to me, and the twinkle in his eyes completely melt me.



We, Rhett and I, have now began saying it to Isaiah ( or Baby Izzy as we like to call him in our family).

I heard a person say once that, ” we are all looking to find ourselves in the eyes of someone else”… I am sure there is truth to that. But, more importantly perhaps is that on some level  we all just have a simple desire to be seen.

I have surrounded myself with so many amazing people, and some time I take for granted the fact that I am loved and seen by those that matter the most to me. But , I would be less then honest if I said that often times , especially in my professional life, I have felt somewhat invisible. Not always, but times when I am feeling vulnerable for sure, or neglected or overlooked and under appreciated.

I’ve been in one of those lulls for some time now.  Unclear of what I am want to be doing and being…at one of those places that feels like another one of life’s cross road… one road leading to re-invention and the other staying on the same beaten path I have been on. Both feeling like to much of a clime, tempted to just sit a bit longer.

Last Saturday a friend asked if I would come and take photos of her families event. While not my favorite kind of photos to take, for this friend… anything. Afterwards, my hubby and I stopped at Chaps in Cheney Washington. Chaps is owned by a “local” celebrity named Celeste Shaw.  I got to know Celeste when I was working in the “farm-girl” world. You know all things organic, vintage and shabby Chic. Our professional friendship deep-end when I signed on with Sisters On The Fly – and camped during the Farm Chic show and was invited to these amazing parties she hosted during that event.

I’ve learned, over time, that not everyone you meet that is a celebrity, or thinks they are a celebrity, are worth knowing. Celeste is one that time has shown me is truly one worth knowing.

So there I was, sitting on the patio of her famed Chaps Restaurant. Having dinner with my brother and his wife and my hubby Tom. The day had been long. The funk that I had been in for sometime seemed to just hoover…. feeling raw, invisible, uncertain and not myself, I wondered if Celeste was here. And, even if she would know me if she were. Both questions answered as her thin bouncy frame came through the doors and to our table.

Our sweet banter went on for a little while and as she excused herself to check on other customers… friends…. I thought to my self…I love how her eyes just light when we are talking. I watched her out of the corner of my eye as she walked back into the bakery, and felt a slap of wind on my face as a spring dust devil blew through…. as it all settled back down I thought I could hear her sweet voice in the distance  as the winds whispered….

“I See You.”

Thank you Celeste for always, always being a willing vessel of love and change….  and for always making me feel “seen”.

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  1. Beautiful! Just Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

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