If I Were Granted Just One Wish….

35408_10150203234585691_2683739_nI love those texts that come out of nowhere.

(Of course it is silly to say that they come from nowhere… as I don’t really believe that. But rather they come from friends who know you by heart. They know your very nature, your ins and your outs.. your habits, and personality).

Those texts – they often times come after a bad day.. or even a not so bad day, but just a rut kind of day. You know the ones, they are usually some thought-provoking, or wacky, or funny blow coffee out of your nose, kinds of things… that are sent by those who love you, tagged on them is… “reminds me of you.”

My friend Deb is “THAT” friend. Matter of fact, her ability to know when one is needed is almost uncanny .  I have often wondered if she hasn’t somehow set cameras about to monitor my every move.. and mood …

Last night, as she sent yet another… one that smacked me in the face and made me cry…. declaring just the message I needed.. as if God himself wrote it down and asked her to hand deliver it… the answer the very questions I had been crying out….I was yet again reminded of the million other notes, texts, messages that she had sent…. of her constant encouragement, unyielding support and unconditional love and friendship.

Our story began quietly. I cannot even tell you exactly how. It has been as if we have always been, but in truth we have probably only been friends for 14 years or so…. Neither of us requiring lots of together time, but rather just a little shoring up… mending.. encouragement on the trail. I refer to us as “low maintenance friends… as we both have our own dragons to slay – and we are equally aware of that… but every now again.. we slow down for a little spirit mending… Matter of fact…I cannot not think of a thing that Deb doesn’t give herself to, that she doesn’t give 1000% of herself to.

She is an encourager by nature…but what makes her extra special in my world is that she is more than a friend…. she’s a tried and true  sister. She is more than an encourager or cheerleader, she’s a dream keeper. Continually fanning the embers of my dreams, when I get to tired to do so. She is that “put one foot in front of the other kind of conqueror, the gentle nudger that I need from time to time. Not using merely words, but lending tools to help me “dig” myself out.

Early on in our friendship we fell in love with each other’s story. Both of us more than survivors… thrivers in our own stories. Knowing full well that there is a huge difference between the two. One requires a pulse.. the other….. shear determination to be more that conquerors..

Much of my life as a writer has to be walked a lone. It is my process. Sure, I am always out “doing,” out observing, but I do so on the fringe of the activity… I spend time in my own head, and pressed up against the walls – observing and contemplating, walking the back-roads developing characters and chewing on information much like a cow and her cud.

But every now again, when I come up for air.. or find myself stuck, or need reassurance or help finding the right word or group of words or.. to be heard and seen… we need our friends, our mentors, or sisters…. how lucky am I that for me all those things are wrapped up in one little power house named Deb.

If I had one wish for everyone it would be that they would have a “Deb” in their life. Someone who is strong but willing to show their weakness, a brilliant leader, but can also follow, a fierce warrior whose soft side is equally as passionate. A talented writer and editor who lends her talents endlessly….A sister who always operates in grace, and by doing so allows me to be fully free to be me..

Yep, If I was granted just one wish, this would be it.

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